My Sexy Gifting Guide


If you are looking to give a sexy gift this holiday season (or any time of year, really) take a gander at this list I’ve compiled with my top favorites. Please realize that every body is different. Trial and error is how we find the toys that make us purr with delight.

[When I can, I will link to more than one store that carries the item. I desperately wanted to link to all of my favorite toys, but it was getting overwhelming and messy. So, I’ve decided to shorten it into a couple things in each category. The toys on this list range in price, but they are all under $100! I hope you find this fun and useful!] [UPDATE: I have included info regarding shipping in time for the holidays as well as discounts at the bottom of this post.]

Lubes – To me, lube qualifies as a kind of sex toy. It is often under appreciated and goes unnoticed. But for a lot of people with vulvas (and anyone trying to stick something in their butt) lubrication is essential. For these reasons lube makes the top of my list. As with any toy, it takes some sampling to find ones that work for you, that feel delicious, and also that fit the various activities in which you will partake. Some sex educators will go on for hours about never wanting to use a water based lube for anal penetration, others swear by it. Some say to only use water based for vaginal penetration and still others will have no problems using hybrids or silicone. Most people in the sexuality field agree that silicone toys should not be used with silicone lube. The material can be broken down when they’re used together which is an utter shame because some of these toys are pricey!

I tend to favor lubes that are made with vulvas in mind and as such are made glycerin-free and paraben-free. Sliquid has a HUGE array of such lubes. Water based, silicone, hybrid, flavored, and a bunch more!

My three favorite Sliquid varieties are H2O, Sassy (water based, but thicker for anal play), and Silk (hybrid).

Sliquid Lubricant

One of my other favorite lubes is Liquid Silk. It does have parabens in it which doesn’t thrill me, and it has a somewhat bitter, fake taste and smell to it, so I would not want to perform oral sex following the use of it, but for it is a fabulous, creamy, long-lasting lube. Apparently it also has a hint of silicone which is silicone toy friendly.

Small Liquid Silk Bottle

Vibrating Toys – I happen to like toys that stand the test of time and/or can serve multiple purposes. Again, I could have put several more toys into this category but I did not want to be overwhelming.

I have had the We Vibe Tango since April 2012 and it is hands down my favorite vibrator. It is small, rechargeable, with a ton of speeds and settings. Perfect for solo and partnered sex. While it isn’t meant for insertion, it could totally be used to tease the vagina a bit (NOT the anus, there is no flared base), but it is designed for clitoral stimulation.

We Vibe Tango

So, you know how I said I love multipurpose toys? The Fun Factory Bimini Flash fits that bill perfectly. You wouldn’t think this modestly sized toy could pack a punch, but it does. The vibrations go from almost imperceptibly gentle to heavy and strong. It is designed to be used vaginally with accompanying clitoral stimulation, but you can get a little creative. The tip of the insertable end is fabulous on the clitoris. Also, it’s rechargeable, made of silicone, and small enough for pleasure on the go.

Fun Factory Bimini Flash

Toys for the Butt – Butt play can be so much fun! Remember to only ever use toys with a FLARED base! Always remember to go slowly, breathe, take your time, and use more lube than you think you need! I invite you to read a post I wrote about the basics of anal play.

Tantus makes some amazing toys. Really body safe, top quality silicone dildos and butt plugs. The Tantus Twist might not be for beginners, and the textured swirls can seem intimidating, but the velvety smooth silicone makes for a delicious butt plug. It’s very filling, the flared base is narrow and so comfy you could walk around wearing it. (If that was something you’re into.)

Tantus Twist Plug

Toys for Penis owners I often hear complaints from people with penises about the lack of toys for them. First of all, there are so many toys for you! I’m not going to talk about all of them, but they do exist. I’m only going to mention one which is very cool, and can totally be used either solo or with a partner to spice up those hand jobs.


Masturbation Sleeves



Kinky and Sensation Play 

For kinky gear for sensation play or role play or heavier BDSM scenes The Stockroom is the place to go. They have a huge selection from the mild to the wild. My kinky gift selections are items that can be fun whether you are a beginner in kink or a seasoned veteran.

Bondage tape – If you and your partner(s) want to get into some light bondage but aren’t familiar with rope or do not want to invest in expensive leather cuffs, bondage tape is a great option. It’s quick and easy to get into, easy to cut through to get out of, and can be very, very sexy.

Bondage Tape

Riding crop – Perfect for role play and adding to your spankings, if you or your partner(s) enjoy sting-y sensations, riding crops are the way to go.

Short Riding Crop Wide End

Floggers – If you want to ramp up your sensation play, a suede flogger is a good toy to start with. There is a wide range of possible sensations to be created from this one. You can start off whisper soft and go all the way up to thuddy. Great spots for impact are the upper back/shoulders (it can feel like a great massage) as well as the meaty butt and backs of thighs. Warm up slowly with this and keep constant communication with the person receiving.

Basic Suede Flogger 24in

Books – A book can be a great gift as well! Check out my recommended reading list!

Check out my recommended reading list!

I truly hope you found this guide fun and informative! Whatever holiday you are celebrating this winter, I wish you lots of sensual, sexy times full of pleasure and exploration. Happy Holidays!

Holiday Sales and Shipping Info: 

Holiday Shipping Deadlines 2013 for Good Vibrations:

Holiday Shipping from Good Vibrations

She Vibe is having a blow out of up to 75% off  and some really AH-mazing sales on high quality toys and gear that I did not mention above. And their shipping info:

Take advantage of sales at She Vibe for the Holidays

The Stockroom is having a sale of up to 50% off on select items. It’s definitely worth it to take a look if you want to expand your kinky toy bag. They are also offering FREE shipping on orders of $149 or more.

stockroom holiday delivery

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