Review: Aneros Evi

I’ve been looking forward to trying out the Evi for over a year. So I was thrilled when I was given the chance to try it out in exchange for an unbiased review.

A Rant, to Begin…

Aneros Evi

I’d only ever seen the Evi displayed on store shelves, so I never really got into the details of the packaging. I was very exasperated to see written on the outer sleeve the Aneros people state that Evi is “Designed to fit ALL Women.” (Oh really?) Unfortunately, that statement put me on edge as though it was a challenge. I really can’t stand when companies take a “One Size Fits All” mentality. Tastes are different. People are different. Bodies are different. Vulvas are different. So don’t freaking tell me that it’ll fit ALL women.

Don’t even get me started about the gendered statement about this toy being for women. As a sexologist and sex educator, I work really hard to be gender inclusive. The Evi was made with vaginas in mind, but I do know people who have used it anally. The base is flared just enough where that is okay to do. Anyway…  

My Experiences

Side-by-side comparison of Evi, Tango, Hitachi

The first time I went in with my reviewer hat on, I started off by warming up with the Magic Wand and went right to the edge of orgasm. I used water based lube to insert the Evi and spent a few minutes just breathing, doing kegels, rocking my hips. Then, I pulled out my We Vibe Tango and played with my favorite speeds and pulsations against the arm of the Evi. The vibrations ran along the arm both internally and to my clitoris. I played with variations of vibrations a few times getting close to orgasm, trying to use the hip rocking and kegels which felt very pleasant but very frustrating. At the time, the hip rocking would not have allowed me to reach orgasm, so I ended up using the Tango against the arm of the Evi til I orgasmed. The contractions of climax combined with the Evi made the orgasm last a little bit longer as it would gently rock back and forth and tap my clitoris.

I decided to go for a twofer. For my second attempt (in a row), I swiveled the Evi around to see what it felt like backward and it was alright, but didn’t feel as good for me. The way the Evi is angled is “meant” to hit the G-spot/urethral sponge. (Your mileage may vary. Remember that bodies are all different.) I proceeded to spin it “right side up” and  rocked it back and forth with my fingers pressing on the bottom most ridge (closer to the perineum). Again, I used the Tango over the arm of the Evi to create internal and external vibrations, alternating focusing the vibrations more toward the bulb end and toward my clitoris. Finally, I maneuvered the Tango to just hit my clit (kind of under the arm) and was surprised with a very powerful, unexpected orgasm. I took some time to just enjoy the feeling of fullness, too. 

The next time I planned to use the Evi, I was just going to put it in and go about my business. But once I lubed it up and slid it in, I spotted my Hitachi which was guilting me as if it was saying Come on. You know you want to… I’m starting to think the Evi conducts vibration really, really well. I’ll be totally honest, it’s hard to piece apart which caused the Earth shattering orgasm that ensued. However, having the Evi in made me much more aware of my PC muscles and encouraged me to do kegels which I usually wouldn’t do in the average Hitachi masturbation session. 

I also decided to keep the Evi in for a while post-orgasm. I thought it would be fun as a reminder, and again, would encourage me to continue to pay attention to my PC muscles and keep doing kegels. Not to mention, it’s just a hint of naughty (no one can see that I am wearing this) which is plenty exciting. After a while I start to feel an irritating pinch. I have a thin bit of extra skin at the 6 o’clock position of the entrance to my vagina (perhaps what is left of my hymen) so the way the arm presses down and pinches does start to take away from the pleasure, but I can’t recall feeling it while in active use. I noticed that feeling would happen when I’m pretty much done anyway. Still, it’s not very fun. To give a visual to what I’m talking about, I tried to demonstrate with the webbing on my hand. The the upper part would be towards the clitoris, the elbow would be the 6 o’clock position. The twinge happened because the elbow was not completely free as in the left photo. Hopefully, this comparison makes it easier to picture. 

Visual of how the Evi ends up pinching me

Some of the specs….

The outer coating of the Evi is high quality silicone, making it super easy to maintain and clean. You can boil it or put it in the top rack of the dishwasher if you want to. I just used warm water and mild soap to clean mine. It is about 3.5 inches of insertable length, for a total length of about 4 inches. The arm is approximately 2 inches or so in length (I had to bust out my ruler for that info, because I don’t think I ever saw that included in other reviews.) which is something to keep in mind when thinking of the distance from the vaginal opening to the clitoris. Because most people know what an iPhone looks like, I thought I’d do a side-by-side comparison of the Aneros Evi and my iPhone 4s. (And I thought it looked amusing.)

Side-by-side comparison with iPhone 4s

My Takeaway

Overall, I really enjoyed the Evi. It is a toy I’m looking forward to incorporating into my regular masturbation sessions. The feeling of fullness it provided added to the orgasms I had, and made them much more intense and powerful. I like the Evi from the perspective of mindfulness. It really helped me to focus in on what was going on not only between my legs, but also my breath and kegels. Admittedly, I disregarded the “instructions” that came in the packaging. You can totally follow them to work on and strengthen your pubococcygeus muscles (PC), but this is also a toy for pleasure. Yes, the package says you can achieve orgasm with the Evi sans vibration, and I’m sure that’s possible for some people (maybe even me… in the future… if I had more patience), but I would encourage folks to use the Evi however they wish and make it work for them.

Aneros Evi and my snazzy new manicure

I really appreciated being asked for my opinion on the Aneros Evi. Many thanks to Good Vibrations for providing with me the opportunity to check it out and share my thoughts.  Please visit them if you are interested in the Evi or other toys.

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