Tantus Sends Me A Bountiful Box of Toys to Try

Tantus Dildos

You know that saying, “Ask and you shall receive?” Yeah, so that happened! Just last week I got an email from Tantus about an upcoming promotion for a line of their toys. So, like any good sexologist/burgeoning sex toy reviewer I inquired further. With a really quick correspondence back and forth I was slated to receive…something from the Dual Density O2 line. I was definitely excited and had no idea what to really expect other than knowing that I’d be getting something that was seriously well-made, body safe, and designed to be used.

I put it all aside and trotted off to enjoy a really fun-filled day at Disneyland celebrating my sister’s birthday weekend. That was Friday (Jan. 24 for anyone keeping track).

Cut to Tuesday afternoon when I hear the mail person drop something against my door. I gingerly poke my head outside, look down, and see two boxes addressed to me. Immediately I was giddy. I would never have expected to receive so many toys all at once! I started freaking out (in a good way).

So what did they send me?

  • Goddess
  • Mikey O2
  • Flurry O2
  • Cush O2 
  • Meteorite 
  • Pelt Paddle
  • Little Secrets Touch Vibrator


I tried three of the dildos in one sitting (cause I don’t fuck around). The Goddess, Mikey, and Flurry, in that order (not in order in the photo). Each were pretty phenomenal in their own way. And I’m looking forward to trying them out further so I can write more in-depth reviews for each. But I could not contain my excitement and felt I had to share this teaser with you.

The Goddess is made of a smooth, flexible silicone. It’s firm, but because it’s hollow (it can take a bullet vibe) it is bendable. It smooth and glides effortlessly with each thrust. The shaft is on the narrower side which makes the flared head really stand out. Mikey and Flurry are Dual Density O2 Toys. They have a slight squishy outer layer over a core of harder silicone. Mikey is almost completely smooth and quite girthy (at 1.75″ in diameter). The Flurry is different; at 1.5″ it’s not quite as thick as Mikey, but it’s the ridges that make my brain melt. As I said, I need to test these out some more, but with the Flurry I couldn’t decide whether I should shout with ecstasy or remain breathlessly silent.

The three I tried, as well as the Cush, which I haven’t have yet gotten to, are harness compatible for strapping on; because of their flared bases they can be used vaginally or anally.

More specific detail will be coming soon! So keep your eyes peeled!

Tantus_February Promo

In February Tantus is having a kick-ass promotion of 30% off their Dual Density O2 Toys when you use the code IHEARTYOU at check out. I strongly encourage you to check that out!


Update: I have reviewed all these Tantus Toys! I invite you head on over to SexologistVixenne.com (which I update all the time!) to read the full reviews.

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