These Are a Few of My Favorite Things (Sex Toys)

Some images of the toys on my list

Some images of the toys on my list

Ah! The Toy Chest! 

[This page simply holds toys and implements that I find enjoyable and interesting. If you should happen to visit the links to my affiliates and make a purchase, I could make a small percentage which would help me continue to do the work I do. Thank you.]

Toys that Vibrate! 

  • The Original Magic Wand – This wall plug-in is turbo charged. It has only two settings: low and high (or as some like to joke, high and higher). It is rather bulky and noisy, but it won’t quit on you at the last moment like battery operated or rechargeable models might. To diffuse the power of the vibration, fold a towel or blanket under the head of the wand so it won’t be quite so powerful.

The Hitachi Magic Wand can be purchased at Good Vibrations and She Vibe.

  • The Form 2 by Jimmy Jane – This toy is great on so many levels! It’s got two little “ears” with independent motors, which is quite different from most clitoral vibrators. It is waterproof, rechargeable, pretty quiet, and compact – perfect for partner sex or solo play. Easy to use controls to get the setting you like best.

The Form 2 can be purchased at Good Vibrations or at She Vibe.

  • Mystic Wand by Vibratex – It packs quite a punch for a smaller massager. There are several speeds and pulsation patterns. It’s battery operated, which makes it easily portable, and you won’t be tethered to an electrical outlet. It is the smaller, less powerful version of the Hitachi. It can be used solo or incorporated into partner play.

The Mystic Wand can purchased at She Vibe and at Good Vibrations.

  • G4 by Fun Factory – This toy is a little formidable and might not be for beginners. There are several pulsation patterns and speeds. It is easily rechargeable by plugging into the wall. Once it’s fully charged, it will last and last. While it was (probably) “meant” for vaginal penetration, it is also perfect for clitoral stimulation.

G4 can be purchased at She Vibe.

  • We-Vibe Tango – This little “lipstick” vibe packs quite a punch for it’s compact size. Rechargeable, through a very nifty wall charger, it has several speeds and pulsation patterns.

We-Vibe Tango can be purchased at Good Vibrations and She Vibe.

  • The We-Vibe 3 – Meant as a toy to be used during penetrative sex, it can also be perfect for use on its own, this “C” shaped dual vibrator, is wireless and remote controlled. It lays on top of the clitoris and the g-spot, and is completely waterproof. It charges in a very discreet little case which is also perfect for travel. It has several pulsation patterns and speeds.

The We-Vibe 3 can be purchased at Good Vibrations and She Vibe.

My Favorite Lubes!

  • Sliquid – Natural lubricants to fit whatever your needs are. They have a line of flavored lubes which are amazing because they don’t contain any sugars. In addition to this, both the flavored and other lubes are glycerin and paraben free. They are latex safe. They even have silicone and water-silicone hybrids.

Sliquid can be purchased from She Vibe and at Good Vibrations.
My personal favorites from the Sliquid line are their Sassy – a gel water-based specially formulated for anal play; Silk – a creamy, long-lasting silicone, water-based hybrid; and Flavored varieties – my faves are pomegranate-strawberry and green apple.

  • Blossom Organics – Specifically made with women in mind, it is completely free of glycerin, paraben. Is latex safe.

Blossom Organics can be purchased from their website directly. It is also available at She Vibe and Good Vibrations.

Toys for Male Bodied People!

  • Cobra Libre – Finally a vibrator for people with a penis! This has several speeds and pulsation patterns and is rechargeable.

Cobra Libre is made by Fun Factory and can be found at She Vibe and Good Vibrations.

  • Fleshlight – A masturbation sleeve shaped like a flashlight which comes in a variety of styles and textures.

Fleshlight can be found at Good Vibrations.

  • The Tenga Egg – Masturbation sleeves with fun textures – enhance your solo play or to incorporate into hand jobs!

The Tenga Egg can be purchased at Good Vibrations and She Vibe.

  • Aneros Helix Syn – Specifically designed for people with a prostate, Aneros makes top quality toys.

The Aneros Helix Syn can be purchased at Good Vibrations  and She Vibe.

Sensation Play!

  • Love Bites Vampire Gloves – Vampire gloves have tended to be made with leather – until now! Leather is great and all, but it technically can’t be cleaned or sterilized. Love Bites come in knit, chenille, velour, and lace. They have the perfect combination of bite with softness, and looks. They are tickley if you run the points over the skin lightly; and could be quite a bit pokier or bitey if you were to press harder into the skin. A great tool for sensation play!

Love Bites can be found here.

  • Bondage Tape – If you want to play with some restraints, but don’t want to invest in rope or leather cuffs bondage tape can be great fun. It’s easy to use, easy to cut off with scissors when you’re done playing and come in a few colors which can be quite sexy.

You can find Bondage tape at The Stockroom.

For other sensation implements like floggers, crops and other kinky gear please visit The Stockroom.

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