Sex-Positive Resources

I’m always being inspired by people and groups in the sexuality field! This page will be updated periodically, so check back often! 


General Sexuality:

Reid Mihalko (the original Sex Geek): Reid is all about creating conversations for better relationships and sex. He tours all over speaking to university students, and adults of all ages, orientations, and relationship styles. His motto is “Be the change you wish to see in the bedroom.”

Smut for Smarties: Lady Cheeky serves up sex positive and pleasure positive articles and erotica culled from the various sources as well as featuring her own writing. (Often NSFW.)

The Buzz: Good Vibrations Online Magazine

The Center for Positive Sexuality: Providing comprehensive, sex positive education through presentations, materials, and being a resource in the community.

Not So Secret: A positive online magazine that focuses on female sexuality.

Sex is Fun: A podcast that tackles all topics on sex.

Sexual and Reproductive Health:

Planned Parenthood: Find your local PP clinic, get reproductive health info, get a check up, get STIs and pregnancy checked.

San Francisco Sex Information (SFSI): Offering non-judgmental, accurate sex information.

Rope Bondage: 

Twisted Monk: Very famous for his hemp rope. Also has some instructional videos.

Two Knotty Boys: Several books, and plenty of instructional videos on different knots and techniques.

Sex and Sexuality Information For Teens:

Gurl-dot-com: A sexuality and relationship website geared toward teen girls.

Scarleteen: Sex ed for the real world.

Sexuality and Relationship Blogs from my Colleagues:

Alyssa Royse – Seattle, Washington

Dr. Carlen Costa – London, Ontario, Canada

Dr. Chelsea Holland – Colorado

Dr. Gayle Friend – Vancouver, BC, Canada

Dr. Nikki Goldstein – Sydney, Australia

Sexologist Megan – Grand Rapids, Michigan

Healthy Eros – Vancouver, BC, Canada

The MamaSutra – San Francisco Bay Area

The School I Attend:

The Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality

2 Responses to “Sex-Positive Resources”
  1. Heather Brewer, M.A. says:

    Ooo so much great stuff, here. Thank you!

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